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Brief history of Sobrance

Brief history of Sobrance

The first report, which states the city Sobrance comes from the year 1409. With the emergence and subsequent development of the village were Sobrance market activities associated in the Tibavská estate. Legal proceedings of the annual and weekly market owners got Tibava (John James son of Michalovce) by King Sigismund r. 1398. The annual market will be held every year on the Feast of Visitation and a weekly market every Wednesday, according to the rules and practices as other markets in the country. Most likely due Tibava position - outside the provincial road linking two major feudal cities - Michalovce and Uzhgorod in Zemplínska considers the throne, decided to build the owners of the estate as a market settlement near Sobrance, lying on the road above. The first report of proceedings in both markets Sobrance comes from r. 1411. The gradual adjustment, the name - Sabrants, Zobrancz, Sobranec - stabilized in shape today Sobrance. In 1878 Sobrance had 49 houses, 527 residents lived here, who lived mainly agriculture and handicrafts.

Sobrance today

Sobrance is the most easterly located city in Slovakia. It is aan important point on the road to Ukraine. The Eutopean rarity of Sobrance is its Jan Ferko guitar museum with a collection of 200 guitars. Near Sobrance city sobrabce spar is located known since 1336. Spar grounds is mostly dendrious forests with 6 mineral springs. Sobrance regions is well suited for agriculture and winplanting.  Its traditional wines attracts great numbr of tourists.      


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