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Sevens in the history of Michalovce

2014 was a year of several round anniversaries related history of our city.

In 2014 we remembered 770 years since first written mention of Michalovce. According to all relevant experts 1244 charter is the oldest reliable report about our city. First mention however does not mean Michalovce was founded in that year. By 1244 our city made a lot of progress that is a topic for another story. But related to the first written mention of our city could there exist even older proof of city existence? Answering this to this question is rather complicated. Possibility of it cannot be ruled out completely, although it is less likely given the possibilities of modern day research. Vatican archives may still hold a surprise in this regard. Most interesting white spot of our history is certainly the ear between building of Michalovce rotunda (11th century) and before mentioned charter of 1244. (13th century).


Veduta – the oldest depiction of Michalovce (late 18th , early 19th century)


2014 marks a round anniversary for Parish Catholic Church of The nativity of Mary In 1314 charter there is a mention of parish Church dedicated to Virgin Mary. This gothic church was of course build earlier and its current look is a result of major 18th century redesign.

Roman Catholic parish church of The nativity of Mary in the early 20th century.


From the Middle Ages Michalovce was developing as municipality. 1871 reform gave it a status of minor later major municipality. Ever since the creation of Czechoslovak republic in 1918 Michalovce inhabitants endeavored to get the status of town and on June 14th 1944 they finally succeeded. In 2014 it was exactly 70 years since this Michalovce is proudly calling itself a town.

On 26th of November 1944 Michalovce were liberated without fight in the streets by armies of advancing 4th Ukrainian front of the Red army. 2914 was a commemoration of 70th from this important event. There is also a monument standing to commemorate it on Biela hora.

In November 1944 members of Nazi German special response commando ZbV 27 shot 12 partisans from Kriváň group as well as 13 civilians. Later in 1945 two mass graves were found there but it is believed Biela hora has not uncovered all of its secrets.    


Funeral of war victims on Biela hora (part of Michalovce) in 1945.

 Because of these anniversaries a new web was created - www.historiazemplina.eu. It is a joined effort of seven people. (Professional archeologist, three professional historians , collector and two history popularizers.

dr. Martin Molnár

Zemplín museum historian
and Michalovce chronicler   



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