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Brief history of Michalovce

The first written record of Michalovce is as late as 1244. As a city it is mentioned at the beginning of 15th century.  In the oldest charter from 1244 Michalovce is noted as hamlet (possesio Mihal). In a charter from 1258 the city is mentioned as “praedium centre (praedium Mihal). The advantages of Michalovce's  location are the  banks of Laborce river as well as major crossroads that facilitated its growth into a city. This took place presumably in the 13th century because the town, parish and church of St. Mary are  mentioned here as early as 1290. In the same year there where  4 mills and in 1335 the city parish was expanded by the Latin school proprietary building.  The oldest street – Slovenská street was extended  with many more hamlets and farmsteads.

The second half of the 13th century marks the arrival of The German settlers. Growing significance of witnesses to Michalovce as the 14th century’s natural agricultural and communal life centre include: records from 1346 in which the city was given the right to toll, 1374 the  right of Saturdays fairs and since 1399 the annual fair.

The first public record of Michalovce as a city (oppidum) dates from 1416. Further major agricultural progress was manifested by the entitlement of the right to have annual fairs twice a year since 1449. Trade was also advanced  by the building of new roads through swamps and also by buildiding a bridge over the Laborec river.   

The strategic location of the city encouraged the development of traditional and classic crafts, trade and later industrial production in clothes making, construction, ceramics, engineering, electrical engineering and the food processing industry. The historical past of the city is presented in seven permanent expositions installed in the Zemplín museum, which is still  seated in the baroque-classicalist Sztaray family Manor House. In its proximity foundations of pre-Romanesque rotunda were excavated.  The Count Sztaray family were closely connected with our city for over two hundred years. The decedents of the family include: Anna Brown (née Sztaray) Lady in waiting to Maria Christina who was one of  the daughters of Empress Maria Theresa.) and Irma Sztaray Lady in waiting to Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sissi). Michalovce also welcomed a number of  distinguished guests including emperor Frantz Joseph in 1851.

Michalovce – Perl of Zemplín

At present Michalovce covers 52,81 km2 and is home to nearly 40 000 inhabitants.  The town is constantly growing and is a great place to live as well as visit. 

In addition to high schools Michalovce has a longstanding tradition of campus university branches. There are four of them in the city. Michalovce is proud of its oldest secondary grammar school east from Slánské vrchy. It named after the famous graduate - poet Pavol Horov (1914-1975). Extended reconstruction of Michalovce’s historical centre brought new life to our city.  The pedestrian zone came alive with various activities, pleasant strolls  by the fountain as well many cultural  and social events.

The most common annual events that take place in our city are seasonal fairs and markets, Lent carnival called “Fašiangy” and various folklore related events. Even though Michalovce features no theatre building many performances take place in Local Cultural centre  throughtout  the year.  Our citizens enjoy long periods of leisure in the city’s numerous parks around pedestrian zone including: City park (kapitán Nálepka street) Student’s park (Obchodná street) Kerta park (Kostolné square) Among the more rare heritage buildings are foundations of pre- Romanesque rotunda and Roman catholic parish church of Nativity of Mary from 13th - 15th centuries.  Interesting monument of our city include the classicistic Manor house of Sztaray family which was  build on foundations of water castle. Currently it is a seat of Zemplin museum featuring several permanent expositions.  

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