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Lidos and pools


Indoor Lido (25 meters x 12 meters) is located in ulica Saleziánov street on premises of Zlatý bažant. is open from October to August. In summer you can sunbathe on the lawn area in pool premises . The Pool is operated by Technical and gardening services of Michalovce. The swimming pool provides dressing room, sauna, shower, massage, locker room, parking.


Lido Strážske is open from 10.00. 18.00 even out of summer season. Opening hours depend on current weather. Lido Strážske has 2 large pools for adults and children , 3 small pool designed for children, where children have to be looked after by their parents During the week there are at least two life savers.


Zemplínska Šírava resort Kaluža has a swimming pool for non- swimmers put into operation in 2003. It is 112 m long, 12 m wide and 1.2 meters deep.

It includes 2 children's pools with a depth of 40 m. All pools are fed from village springs.


Klokočov resort on Zemplínska šírava ha a similar non swimmer pools as in Kaluža resort. Pool dimension are: 112 m in lengths and width and 1.2 m in depth. There are 2 children's pools with 40 cm deep. Polls are fed from local water springs.


Behind municipality Klokočov there is a complex of analogous swimming to Klokočov. There are located on premises of Slňava hotel near water reservoir of the same name.


Sobrance lido offers swimming pool 33m long, swimming , 10 m swimming pool for non-swimmers and a children's swimming pool with daily changed water. In addition there is a playground for beach volleyball, street ball, tennis court, and children's playground with swings and playing wooden structures.


During summer season inhabitants and visitors of Trebišov can get refreshed im 3 pools of summer lido (50m x 25m, 20m x 20m and children's pool). In addition there are premises of water sports, mini golf playgrounds, beach volleyball, dodge ball and table tennis.

Autokemping Mária

Autokemping Mária is located on the west promontory of Zemplín hills. It is situated on north-south conjunction of Poland and Hungary. 14 km south of Trebišov and 8 km North fro border cross Slovenské nové mesto- Sátoraljaújhely.  Auto camping Maria consists of  guest house, camping and sport recreational premises  with pools and playgrounds.

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