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Rural tourism

Dolný Zemplín territory is by its features predestined for rurar and country side tourism development Riding tourism or sports riding (riding school, conditional rides , hippo therapy) are additional services in rural and countryside tourism centers.   

Hipocentrum Hôrka, Zemplínska Šírava

Riding school Hipocentrum provides tourist services chiefly concerned with riding. For starting customers rinding with a guide is on offer. Two open air riding schools 40x30m a 40x60m are provided for advanced riders with previous experience with the sport. If you wish to begin with the sport there instructor course on offer with total of seven lesson to lean the basics.           

Costumers interested in  rides into Zemplínska šírava surroundings can tak advantage of the offer of guided rides. 

Address: Ing. Ladislav Varga, 072 31, Vinné 14, okres Michalovce
Phone.: +421-905-539508
E-mail: info@hipocentrum.sk  
Web: http://www.hipocentrum.sk 

Ranč Nová zem, Blatná Polianka

Located in Sobrance municipality in Blatná Polianka 10 KM km south of main road E50 from Michalovce to Sobrance. Ranch “Nová zem” is a place of relax near Senné rybníky a major ornithologist region. Ranch offers space for school trips, firm actions, family celebrations and barbecues, Visitors are offered horse rides, shootings from air guns, carousel rides, basketball playground or just a short relax in a beautiful countryside.            

Adresa: Blatná Polianka 53
Tel: +421-908 - 179 255
E-mail: info@rancnovazem.sk
Web: http://www.rancnovazem.sk/ 

Stredná odborná škola Pribeník

Riding races in Príbeník are more popular with each passing year not just for sports enthusiasts . This excellent Sunday afternoon is frequently visited by major representatives of social life  fascinated by beautiful surroundings and great atmosphere of the riding races that take place on school grounds  annually in May.  

Phonr.: +421 - 56 - 6285020
Web: www.soupopribenik.edu.sk 


Riding club Počatko

JRiding club is  registered  in  Slovak riding federation engage show jumping as wel as horseriding for tourists. 

Address: Počatko Štefan, Brezová 10, 071 01 Michalovce
Phone.: +421 - 905 - 425 506, +421 - 56 - 64 31 861


Sports club MADA

Jazdecký oddiel je registrovaný v Slovenskej jazdeckej federácii, ponúka jazdu na koni pre turistov.

Address: Mgr.Martin Bulík, Komenského 20, 071 01 Michalovce
Phone.: +421 - 905 - 284 244
Fax: +421 - 56 - 64 20 780
E-mail: mbulik@stonline.sk

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