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Morské oko (Sea eye)

The heart of Vihorlat mountain holds the most beutiful natural  lakes in Slovakia - Morské oko (Sea eye)

National protected area (NPA) Sea Eye is located in the PLA Vihorlat. In the embrace of forests Vihorlatských mysteriously reflects the levels of marine mesh of 618 m n. m. an area of 13.8 hectares of water area (750 m long and about 25 m deep) lake fed by limpid streams. Habitat of the lake are: brown trout, rainbow trout, čerbeli varied and perch. Nature trail marking the protected area Vihorlat from here leads to the dominant nature sanctuary - Sninské stone, towering up to 1005 meters.

Today, the lake and surrounding tributaries are 13 species of fish most dominant is currently in the lake chub (Leuciscus cephalus), the other occurs here gudgeon (gobio), Belička European (Alburnus Alburnus), barbel Carpathian (Barbus carpathicus) and the above-mentioned brown trout and rainbow trout.

Lake description 

Opens into the lake 6 permanent springs and several periodicals. Excess water from the lake drain stream Windows. The coastline is very rugged. Its western and northern portion has a slight slope and is covered with fine sand. Eastern shore is steep and rocky. The deeper part of the lake is covered with a thick layer of mud. Nearby tributaries accumulate leaves, from which methane is released throughout the year.

Sea Eye is a great natural features of Slovak nature. The protection of natural values and beauty, the lake along with the surrounding forests in 1984 declared a national nature reserve, is now a national nature reserve with a total area of 108.48 hectares.


Construction of forest roads, as well as mining elderly stands clear cutting is a way for the lake great danger. Due to increased erosion of slopes and notches roads and concentrating runoff water from road culverts into the body increases the transport of soil and soil into the lake. In addition, the soil rafting organic material (leaves, branches, bark, humus and the like.), Which was established in the lake decomposes to give the water deprives the dissolved oxygen. All these factors influence the physicochemical and biological properties of water. Water becomes more nutritious, it increases the amount of algae and reduces transparency.

Sea Eye is a national nature reserve within the protected area Vihorlat and therefore in n om bathing, no lnkovanie and fishing prohibited.

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