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Sninsky kameň (peak)

National heritage site since 1982 particularly two rock formation of flat lava peaks namely  lower but larger Veľký Sninský kameň 998 m.a.s.l  and smaller but elevated Malý Sninský kameň at   1005  m.a.s.l.  Since the highest peak of the Vihorlat mountains Vihorlat (1076 n.a.s.l.) is located in protected military zone it make Sninsky kameň  more attractive for tourist. 

Sminský kameň is considered the most beautiful natural attraction of the Vihorlat mountains. It is a outstanding morphological ridge with two platforms. They are remains of lava stream built from andesites with plate parting overlooking surrounding beech forests with its 15-20 m high perpendicular walls. Both platforms are divided by small saddle with tourist trail (red-blue-green).  Platforms are accessed by iron ladders   both platforms are places only 5-15 m wide, about 50-80 m long. Western platform offers  a beautiful view to the north and west - especially in the city Snina Vihorlat main peak. From the eastern platform is again a beautiful view to the east and south: the picturesque mountain lake - Marine eye, border ridge Popričné and the Eastern lowland.

Ascend is interesting not only by its vistas but also by its plants growing on colt northern and worm southern side of the mountain.  One can find   kostrava vihorlatská, plamienok alpínsky, rozchodník ročný, zvonček okrúhlolistý, mliečovec alpínsky there. Vast and dense forest are home to many reptiles. All beauties of this locality can be discovered on various panels of educational trail. From Remetské hámre though Morské oko down to Sninské rybníky (Snina lakes).

The peak can be accessed from both directions – from Sninské rybníky (260 m a.s.l.) folowing the blue mark trail  approx. 8 km , forest asphalt trail from Remetské Hamre to Morské oko 618 m a.s.l.) and then about 4 km to the peak. (Alternatively by car to the parking lot under Morské oko) The shortest but most demanding route leads on green mark to Remetské Hámre.  Parking is available under quarry (450 ) on the upper end of the municipality and from here it a steep path to the peak 550 m elevation om approx. 2.2 km.  Far view is worth the effort. 


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