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Adding a panorama

Panoramas can be created with a camera or a smartphone caplable of panoramatic photography. Panoramas are processed with various applications, but any one is capable of uploading finished panorama to coresponding servers and generating so colled "embeding code". By pasting this embeding code into a dilog window refelevant panorama can be viewed on www.dolnyzemlin.sk      

In order to share your wideo with dolnyzemplin.sk you must have active Facebook account to so that dolnyzemlin.sk can verify your identity.     

Step 1: With your Facebook login name and password Sign in www.dolnyzemlin.sk   


Step 2: Following sucessfull Facebook logon click "Add panorama" icon.   



Step 3:  Type in Name, copy your embed and place your panorama on the map according to its content.   and submit your panorama for authorization.  

Vloženie embed kódu s panorámou




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