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Kino Centrum v Michalovciach

Modern movie theatre  with complex digital projection including 3D since May  2012.  it is in compliance with strict DCI 2.1 with 7.1 DOLBY Digital Surround EX sound system and digital 3D projector caplable of 2K image quality (2048 x 1080).

Fusion of these technologies into a whole cereates provides cinema viewer with a unique and a chance of active participation in action taken on the silver screen. 

Digitalization of Centrum movie theatre was funded by Audiovisual fund

Current listing can be found  on Michalovce cinema website

Movie club Tebišov

Movie theatre in not digitised yet. Current listing can be found on  MsKS Trebišov


Cinema Slovakia in  Sobrance

Movie theatre in not digitised yet. It has no programing scheme. Ussually it has projection on thuestay, friday and saturay at 16:30 p.m.. Listing can be foun on  MsKS Sobrance website.  


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Observatory Michalovce

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