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Zemplín museum Michalovce

Michalovciach Zemplín museum was founded in 1957 sa Zemplín regional heritage mseum. Since  1965 it functions under current name

Museum in the Sztaray manor house 

Museum collections and  expositions located on the premises of the baroue classicist manor house of Sztaray old noble family from Michalovce.  Manor house was built in 17th century as a redesign of the older castle. Lastest architectual changes were made in  1830s.   Zemplín museum documet organic and unorganic nature  as well as cultural and historical development of the region. Manor house premises holds former administrative and industrial buildings as well as major archealogical founding - foundations of early major religious bulding - rotunda. 

Pernament museum exhibitions 

Natural science exhibition 

Natural History Exhibition documenting the ecological groups of birds and mammals Zemplín. Representatives of each group are exposed embodiment of the distinctive habitats they inhabit (lakes and ponds, marshes, meadows, rivers and streams, quarries, human settlements, forest). Among the most notable drugs include waders, Crane, hen harrier, Carpathian deer. The exhibition is 247 kinds of birds and 46 species of mammals. Revive her songs and voices of certain animals - the voices of 103  birds and 3 mammals. 
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Archeological exposition

Archaeological exhibition presents the chronological development of prehistoric and early-medieval Zemplín region. The most important exhibits include anthropomorphic and zoomorphic Neolithic sculpture of the period set Eneolith gold Pendants (the oldest evidence of processing gold in Slovakia) and copper tools, weapons, jewelry and pottery from the Iron Age. Particularly valuable and unique exhibit is an amphora from the Bronze Age with the earliest representation of a two-wheel chariot in Central Europe. All archaeological finds are within the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Hallstatt period, Iron Age, the Roman period and early Middle Ages. The exhibition exposed the most valuable objects of archaeological collections, which includes more than 40,000 pieces.

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Historical art  exposition 

Historical art exposition is located in the original late Renaissance building, called. Old mansion. The exposition installed works of art and handicrafts from the Romanesque period to the present. The exhibits are exempted Pieta Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque statues of saints, a collection of icons and liturgical objects. The major exhibits oil paintings belong to the painter of French origin T. J. Mousson, Michalovce living in the years 1911-1944.
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Ethnographic exposition

Ethnographic exhibition documenting the extinct and merging folk crafts of village population. The exposition consists of separate units - blacksmith, viticulture, fishing, pottery, woodworking, textile production. A remarkable collection of pottery is documenting the development Pozdišovský pottery. Securities are also exhibits documenting the evolution of weaving techniques Zemplín.
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Historical exposition 

Historická  Historical exposítion represents chiefly exhibits documenting atmosphere  nobility or townsmen interiors from the end of 18th century to beginnig of 20th sentury (period literatury, historical furniture, weapons, portraits, small interior accesorries etc..) 
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Source:  www.zemplinskemuzeum.sk


Zemplín muzeum  was mentioed on portal soda.02.sk seat  was mentioned as a major heritage building of Dolný Zemplín in this article.



Kostolné nám. 1, 071 01 Michalovce
phone: +421 - 56 - 644 10 93,  +421 - 56 - 642 13 26, +421 - 56 - 643 10 86
Fax: +421 - 56 - 643 1086
E-mail: zm.mi@slovanet.sk
Web: www.zemplinskemuzeum.sk


Opening hours:

sept./jun – Ut - Pi – 8.00 – 15.30 (last entrance at 14,30)
july/august – Ut - Pi – 9.00 – 17.00 (last entrance at 16.00 hod.)
Su – 14.00 – 17.00
launch break: 12.00 - 13.00 hod.

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