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Parks, rare trees

Park Kerta Michalovce - 370 year old tree

Kerta Park is one of the oldest places in the city. In the history books Michaloviec about him he says that is part of the conservation area, whose territory consists of two mansions with adjacent buildings and the area of the Greek Catholic Church of Nativity of the Virgin Mary. The planting took place in the mid-nineteenth century. Until recently, even the family fortune Sztárayovcov was not only a place of rest, but in recent times meant little park as "compulsory equipment" of each mansion.

It also growing rare tree - oak summer, near a watercourse Laborca street Grófa Antal Sztárayho. This remarkable tree has a height of 25 m and the age of about 370 years. Girth measured at a height of 130 cm above the ground is 642 cm. Oak has a huge growth, irregular bushy crown is healthy, only occasionally encounters a thinner is dry branches. The backbone of the park consists of domestic hardwoods, by groups of introduced exotic softwoods and hardwoods. The park is located about 60 specimens of rare and interesting species. In the park you can admire acacia, oak the Beech, oak summer, sessile oak, Turkey oak, a rare yellowish oak, scarlet oak, common ash, ash tree, sycamore, maple, maple. Numerically represented leaved linden, ľaliovník Tulip, horse chestnut, black walnut, elm tree, sycamore maple. Conifers in the park less, There are Norway spruce, yew and Sophora japonica.

Dendrological park with outlandish trees

In Pavlovce nad Uhom in a local park is growing walnut, which has 199 years, height 25 m. Walnut grows in the park that surrounds the castle Barkóciovcov family. From the castle stands today has only manor riding school. The tree is planted in one of two specimens that gave the mid-19th century Earl Barkóci plant and also survived the mansion. Park with an area of almost 14 hectares and building Panska riding school, are now registered as national cultural monuments.

Park with an area of 19.89 hectares is registered as a National Historic Landmark and was founded in the mid-19th century at a place now non-existent mansion. The park can be found among others, and these kinds of wood: oak, linden, maple, hornbeam, ash, sycamore, horse chestnut, hawthorn, Čremcha, hazel, privet, mulberry, elderberry, elm, willow and ivy.

City Park Trebišov

City Park Trebišove has an area of 62 ha. It was built in late 18th century following the example of English parks in connection with the construction of the mansion Count Imrich Csáky. Trees planted in the park were imported from around the world. In terms of fauna among the most important tree species here include: Sophora japonica, spruce variety inversion, sycamore maple, juniper garden variety Finland, gledíčia trojtŕňvá, beztŕňovec dioecious, Colorado white fir, common catalpa. City Park is unique in terms of the location of important protected cultural monuments.

Today, the park serves as rest and recreation, cultural and historical and archaeological. At the park, in addition to interesting flora and fauna are also historical monuments, and sports and recreational facilities. In addition to a late, later Classicistic manor house with farm buildings in 1786 at the site of the historic park and in its immediate vicinity there are also other protected cultural sites - Parič, the foundations of a medieval church. Spirit Roman Catholic Church of the Annunciation, Greek Catholic Church of the Assumption, Paulist monastery, the mausoleum of Count Julius Andrassy, Immaculata sculpture and archaeological sites of prehistoric and medieval. Among the most precious cultural monuments it includes the neo-Gothic mausoleum of Count Julius Andrássy from 1893.

Park Kaštieľna area Strážske

Park in Strážske was founded in the late 19th century. It is a typical feudal park with considerable influence sentimental romanticism, which was characterized by the concentration of stands and a larger proportion of exotic species. Park is the largest urban park district Michalovce (including the District Sobrance) and has an area of 14.80 hectares. By 1994 he was protected park.

In addition to continuous crop of garlic and bear several dendrologically valuable individuals in it is also a real rarity - the remnants of white poplar. White poplar was of 1.30 m diameter 401 cm, circumference of 12.60 meters. Estimated age is 200 years. The second huge white poplar has averaged 300 cm. The park is a wonderful specimen of horse chestnut - mightiest in the district. Frost resistant and exhalations. Beech as the dominant species of forest and mountain Vihorlat Popriečny presents eight specimens in the park, six of them has breast diameter of 100 cm and more. Maple stands a massive trunk and crown. Limes are most represented in the southern part of the park. Mightiest small-leaved lime has breast diameter of 140 cm. Very interesting is the appearance beztŕňovca duplex, which is in the park reproduces from seeds, that natural regeneration. Z stands of conifers decorative properties Scots pine - pine. Besides these trees growing in the park common ash, hornbeam, more species of poplars, planted in strict geometrically arranged rows, blue spruce, several species of cypress and vide.

National nature reserve forest Kyjovský

Forest of deciduous trees extending to almost 400 ha in Vihorlat. Conservationists forest rated as a hot candidate for registration with UNESCO mainly due to the 350-year old beech, which do not grow anywhere else. The forest is strictly forbidden entry, movement is possible only on the basis of special permits administrator.

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