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Observatory Michalovce

Michalovce observatory is a specialised institution actively contributing to development of sdvancement of science by fulfilling task in public education, exploration and survalince activity in field f astronomy and interdisciplinary sciences  

Mousson residence 

Observatoy is housed in former Mouson residence - notable Zemplin painter Theodor Joseph Mouson who lived here. In 1980 his  house was  turned into service facility  Since April 2002 it is under regulation of Košice selfgoverning region and  today it operates as  an alone standing unit.

Observatory equipment

The facility has two domes. One with 5 metres in diameter with  Coudé refractor 150 mm/2250 mm a refractor 130 mm/1500mm and the other with 3 metres in diameter with mirror telescope Cassegrain 200 mm/1760 mm. For observation outside of observatory several smaller telescope are used.  with outomatic navigation system. Observatry facility includes lecture hall with capacity for 70 persons and smaller club room fro about 30 persons. Observatory organises atronomical observation twice a week when the whether is clear.

Observatory activities

As a part of their activities the observatory offers wide projection  from field of Astronautics, Astronomy, Enviromentalism, Ecology and Natural science. If the weather allows every wendsday and Friday  observatory organises survilliance of night sky, lectures for general public, discussions, exposititions, seminars and expeditions for hobbists.



Hvezdáreň v Michalovciach . Hrádok 1
Tel: +421 56 644 32 59, 32 60
Fax: +421 56 644 32 60
E-mail: info@hvezdaren-mi.sk
Web: www.hvezdaren-mi.sk

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