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Wooden churches

Wooden churches are integral part of Eastern-rite Catholic Churches on Dolný Zemplín.  They belong to network of wooden churches nestled in northeast of Slovakia.   

Ruská Bystrá

Greek Catholic church of Saint Nicolas Bishop of Myra. The church is a national cultural heritage monument. In 2008 it was together with another seven churches in Slovak Carpathians listed among UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  

The delegation temple relics of St.. Nicholas - Bishop of 1730. The three-piece wooden log building consists of the altar room, ships and podvežia. The altar room has a polygonal (6-tread angle) shape. The roof is shingle. Its almost regular hipped shape that resembles a traditional peasant houses is disturbed once more over the women's tower and turret tiny part of the altar. The interior is from the period of construction and is designed in Baroque-Rococo style. Iconostasis and altar were made in the first half of the 18th century. At the gate of the Imperial icons are four evangelists (Mark, Matthew, Luke and John), also an icon of the Annunciation.
To date, the chapel worship.


Greek Catholic church of St. Michael the Archangel, declared a national cultural monument. The three-log building is covered with shingle hipped roof with two small towers.
Cerkva Archangel Michael was built in 1836. This three-room building Rustic type the presbytery, ship with a square floor plan and open space under the tower-the women's, is covered with a hipped shingled roof. The premises have flat ceilings with doskovaním. The tower rests on the women's design, is situated in an overhanging roof and chartered by wooden corbels. The main altar with predstavanou iconostasis is a neo-Baroque ornaments and comes from the church building. Icon Christ teacher comes from 1760 - 1780. The iconostasis is from the 19th century. Interesting is the icon "Pieta" with the signature of the author: Michal Mankovič, 1842.

Both wooden churches are unique heritage of vernacular architecture and major regional attractions for tourists.  

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