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Monastery  Brehov

Throughout the year various spiritually orientated events are organized in Brehov monastery.  During summer season monastery serves as a summer holiday camp for children. Monastery is a seat of Minorites centre a place of dialog aimed at spiritual exercises. This heritage building is open to visitors and guided tours are of the nearby Manor house are available.  

Monstery in LELES - the oldest Zemplín monastery

Premonstratensian Abbey in Leles consecrated to the Holy Cross was founded during 1188-1212 by bishop Boleslav. Original building of the abbey was heavily damaged during Tatar invasions but rebuild shortly after.   During 14th-15th centuries t was expanded and fortified and finally between 1623-1639 tower with portal was added.  In 1896 a convent formerly forcefully adapted to school was renovated. Discovery of the Holy Cross build during1315-1366 forms south wing of the abbey.  Over the course 17th-18th centuries whole complex was redesigned to Barroco style and later restored to its original in style 1892.

Romanesque chapel of St. Michael is also part of the abbey complex. It was build alongside the abbey in the second half of the 12th century. Later it was decorated by gothic frescos. During reformation period in 1556 gothic arches and windows were destroyed, paintings heavily damaged but Premonstratensian successfully restore them. 

Redemptorist monastery  Michalovce

The monastery was build during 1930 – 1931. From the beginning it was a seat of Greek Catholic novitiate. During WW2 there was office of Mukacheve eparchy. In 1946 there was Greek Catholic juvenite. It’s first vice-provincial was Blessed Martyr Father Method Dominik Trcka (1886–1959).


Holy Cross church  – Senderov

Is a neo-gothic church ruin on marked on a tourist trail  

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