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Landscape Protected area Latorica

Latorica after Záhorie other large protected areas of lowland landscapes in Slovakia, covers an area of 23,198 ha. The territory includes the main Latorice flow and lower flow Laborec and Ondava with a set of blind arm and adjacent alluvial floodplain forests and meadows. Almost the entire area is interlaced with a network of live and dead branches and land drainage channels that have emerged from the regulation of flows and dewatering process in the year. 1953 - 1965.


The most important phenomenon of the PLA are already rare and extremely rare aquatic and wetland biota, forming a complex that is unprecedented in the whole country. The species composition of plant communities is very diverse. Of rare aquatic species that we can find water lily white, yellow Łęknica, Rezavka aloovitá moored floating, húsenikovec erukovitý and many others. The second most valuable poniklec (Zimmerman lúčny) babysbreath, late carnation, orchid slick, snowflake jarnámarsilea štvorlistá. Regularly flooded meadows, serving as pastures, are characterized by scattered groups of bushes and shrub communities, as well as solitaire, mostly willows.


The rich fauna is represented. Of the territory in waterfowl migration route predetermines a high number of animals occurring here from distant geographic areas. Invertebrates can mention Stag beetle, grasshopper raw, steppe horse, praying mantises green. Rich is a representation of fish - Tick European, mudminnow scoop rainbow hrebeňačka high. It also features all kinds of amphibians - terrapin, green lizard, snake tree, otter ... Of the birds nesting area white-tailed eagle, black stork, Purple Heron, Little Egret, Cormorant, Penduline Tit, common bat and others.

Medzibodrožie a Ramsar Site

Wetlands, water and swamp communities flooded area Latorice with a tangle of dead branches, sand dunes - it all creates a peculiar and unique character of this part Latorická plane.
The protected area there are 11 small protected areas. The European network of protected areas Natura 2000 included 12 Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Area Medzibodrožie overlying a large part Latorica. PLA is also part of the Ramsar site Latorica having national importance for migration of organisms. It was registered between medzináredne important wetlands in the year. 1,993th
Medzibodrožie protected bird area (33,754 ha), which includes the Latorica, located in rivers Latorica, Laborec and Ondava. The whole area is characterized by a mosaic of different habitats - meadows, fields, oxbow lakes, wetlands, marshes, sand dunes.

National Wildlife Tajba

National Wildlife Taiba is part of the protected area Latorica and protected by law is from 1966. It is an isolated dead arm Bodrog, representing the remains of swamp communities Bodrogköz area. It is a unique place with výskytomvzácnej terrapin (Emys orbicularis), which breed there in a natural way and for constituting the territory of one of the last refuges at all. In addition terrapin in the territory Taiba found several rare species of protected wetland flora and fauna, especially from among waterfowl, as well as amphibians and reptiles.

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