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Brief history of Trebišov


First written record about Trebišov is from 1254. The town was at that time together with Panič  castle the property of nobleman Anronik from Trebišov. First settlement of the region dates even earlier Hungarian king Charles I. donated castle fortification Trebišov to Drugeth family in 1319. By 1343 Trebišov was regal property again and it was donated to nobleman   Peter from Perín whos family  held it for 120 years.  After the battle of Mohacs (1526), the dominion came again into the hands of Drugeth family. Even town’s name frequently changed from Terebes, Upper Terebes, Trebissou to Trebišov. The town was granded limited privilages in 1439, but evolved to modern times as a tributary town. Since. 1502. 1530 here in the newly founded monastery acted paulíni.V 16th century were the owners of the village. One hundred years after the abolition of (d. 1630), the monastery was restored at the time of the Counter-Reformation. Parič castle withstood the attack of the Crimean Tatars (1566), but in 1620 it conquered the army of Gabriel Bethlen. In 1686 he led Kuruc Imre Thôkôliho blew up. Unused castle owners Csáky 1786 was dismantled and the stone used to build the nearby castle. Andrássy family inherited the castle in 1838, and owned 61% of the land in Trebisov bounds.

Trebišov today 

Since the city is situated on the fertile and warm south Zemplín, the focus of the district is predominantly agricultural. Part of
local color is the traditional viticulture.
In Trebisov is built mansion Count Imrich Csáky in 1786 in late Baroque style, which then rebuilt the Andrássy family currently serves as a local history museum. Tourists interested in the vast city park, the Gothic church of the later baroque finish, built before 1404, the castle Parič.
In Trebišove he has a rich tradition of amateur theater. For many years, he spreads the fame Trebišov amateur theater troupe Potravinár. It is gratifying that this tradition has established continuous amateur theater group that bears the name of the theater "G".

(Source: www.trebisov.sk)

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