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Zemplín edifying centre gallery in Michalovce

Zemplín edifying centre (ZEC) is partaking on preservation and advancement of national cultural values including folklore crafts and traditions. ZEC owns a gallery and lounge that serve to represent and confront a wide scope of artists, photographers, artisans even creations of pupils from local elementary, middle and art schools.  Gallery is a place of for competition as well as author and group expositions.  ZEC mission is to provide methodology and consulting services to organizers of culturally orientated edification in municipalities Michalovce and Sobrance. ZEC aims at providing a space for quality leisure activities as a prevention of antisocial phenomena and substance abuse particularly in young people.  

Source: http://www.zosmi.sk/


Zemplínske osvetové stredisko, Gorkého  1, 071 01 Michalovce  
Phone.: +421-56-644 13 48; +421-56-688 20 85; +421-918-908 310
Fax: +421-56-642 15 90
E-mail: zos@zosmi.sk
Web: www.zosmi.sk


Small gallery MsKS Michalovce

MsKS Michalovce Small Gallery has its irreplaceable place in 16 year of existence the place hosted a number of exhibitions of professional and art enthusiasts from various kinds and genres. Since 1998 MsKS opens its doors and hearts to creative artists who evoke  good feelings in recipients of their arts including appreciation for their  home land and to human kind. Participants of painters sculptures symposium introduce our region to national wide audience leaving a heritage to future generations by means of their art reflecting beauty of Zemplín region.


Námestie osloboditeľov 25, 071 01 Michalovce
Phone.: +421-56-642 35 02; +421-56-644 14 43; +421-56-642 42 16
E-mail: kulturami@msumi.sk
Web: www.msksmi.eu

Photogallery of Roberta a Cornell Capa Veké Kapušany

Permanent exposition of world famous American photographers Robert and Cornel Cappa whose mother, Júlia Berkowitsová came from Veľké Kapušany. The exposition consists of reproduction of heir photographic art covering development of photography appliances. Since may 2003 is is a part of Veľké kapušany  cultural profile located in its cultural centre. Selection of photographs include brothers early childhood, family as well as development of photography accessories. The gallery also offers space for exhibitions for other photographers.


Mestské kultúrne stredisko Veľké Kapušany,
Námestie I. Dobóa 2,079 01 Veľké Kapušany
Phone.: +421-56-638-2485
E-mail: domosvet@stonline.sk

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