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Zemplínska šírava (reservoir)

Charming esprit of water rules the Zemplín region. It is chiefly due to water reservoir Zemplínska šírava. Hundred sunny days in a year is the lure that draws visitors to its mountains as well as water leisure.

A popular recreation area Zemplínska šírava is one of the warmest areas in Slovakia. An unprecedented number of tropical days and nights made it the second largest watercourse an important Zemplín region tourist center.
Water surface covers an area of 33 km2, length 11 km, width 3.5 km, average depth of 9.5 meters, the maximum depth of 14.7 meters. Zemplínska Šírava has exceptionally good conditions for swimming, water sports, fishing and hiking.

Zemplínska šírava is the second biggest water reservoir in Slovakia. It was built in the first half of the 1960s (d. 1965) and since its opening it has become an important recreation area noonly for the locals but also visitors

All resorts are accessible from the road around the water reservoir. Each of the resortd provides a wide range of hospitality services. Dominant are particularly beautiful space for tents and camping. Fans of comfortable and high standard recreation will definitely choose from many opportunities provided in hotels, holiday camps, bungalows, sanitarium and private guest houses.

Zemplínska šírava surroundings creates space for recreation even in autumn months. southern slopes and hills are densely covered with vineyards, which allow for the traditional grape harvest and wine making so typical for the local villages. Dense forests and vast Vihorlat mountains are abundant with shy animals. Sense of gratification from overcoming oneself is granted at the ascent to Sninský kameň and rewarded by fascinating view of the Morské oko scenery.

Suburban area Biela hora

Biela hora is the first suburban holiday resort of Zemplínska Šírava. Located but 3 km from Michalovce 3 km. The resort is typical of a number of private lodges some of which offer individual accommodation. The terrain the resort is slightly sloping, grassy with a gradual entry into the water - gravel beach is long 1500 m. The Western edge of the resort is a forest park. For Complementary Activities, White Mountain resort offers water sports - water bike, sports - beach volleyball, mini football, mini golf, hiking and cycling. Admission to the center is free.

Slnečný lúč, Hôrka

Hôrka is one of the most important centers of Zemplínska Šírava, it decomposes under morphologically interesting hills Great and Small Senderov. From Michalovce it is 8 km away. Surface area resort is 15 ha. Center Horka is typical of the most beautiful and sandy - gravel beaches, there is a focused range of services, cultural and sports facilities. The center is the main information center, a marina, boat transport, parking for over 700 cars, a large sports complex with four tennis courts, beach volleyball, street ball, mini football, miniature golf and a playground.


Klokočov resort is located 12 km from Michalovce. The resort has anautocamping with capacity of 200 tent and caravan units. Klokočov is a famouse pilgrimage site - church of the Virgin Mary with icon of the Virgin Mary which weap bloody tears in 1670. The Kľokočov center has a newly built swimming pool complex.


Paľkov Is the last holiday Zemplínska Šírava resort on the north side of the resort Paľkov It is located between the villages Klokočov and Kusín 13 km from Michalovce. 15 ha area of the resort is capable of accomodating up to 1,200 tent and caravan units. The resort is ideal for family recreation associated with boating and fishing. Behind Paľkov center there is an waterfowl reserve of and fishing reserve.

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