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Dolný Zemplín region offers  unique oportunities tourist oportunities  water leisure, wine tourism agro a eco tourism and many other oportunities to relax and admire natural beuties, places of interest and inspirations...

Dolnyzemplin.sk has the potentinal to became complex infoportal for the region with modern electronic services for users, municipaliy visitors and eterpreneurs in gegional tourism.  Tourism oriented portal with a number of automated features for users, visitors and enterprenours ready for activation of tourism oriented services and products, capable of form based feedback of user experience, interactive information  maps... etc.    Portal is a result of of the project Michalovce - Zemplin´s gate to tourism in operational programme  ROP measures for infastructure development and tourism  - non investment activities 


Portal originated with fination support of European union from European found of regional development 
as part of Michalovce – Zemplin's gate to tourism 

European fund of regional development  - Investment into our future 


Projeckt details Michalovce - gateway to Zemplín tourism 

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